How Does the Doors of Hope Program Affect our Community?

Re-entry programs impact more than just the clients served. When the clients is successful and breaks the cycle of addiction and incarceration, our whole community benefits. Here are a few reasons to celebrate even just one client’s success.

  • Pay less taxes - The annual cost of an inmate in Tennessee is $23,468. The cost to support a client in our program from their first day until completion of our program is only $2,000.

    • Put simply, less inmates = less money needed from taxpayers.

  • Decrease crime in our community- It is shown that without a re-entry program, inmates will recidivate at a rate of 67%. By completing the Doors of Hope reentry program, the rate of recidivism decreases to just 4%, keeping past offenders out of crime. 

  • Help reunite families - When the client has worked on their recovery, life skills, and participated in our parenting classes, they are more prepared and qualified to return to their children or regain custody.

  • Combat the opioid crisis - The opioid overdose death rate is 120 times higher for those recently released from incarceration compared to the rest of the adult population. Doors of Hope clients are required to work a 12 step recovery program and are drug tested regularly to prevent relapse.

  • Improve mental heath - In state prisons, 73% of women have at least one mental health problem. At Doors of Hope our clients are required to participate in group and individual counseling with a licensed mental health counselor.

Emily JohnstonComment