Doors of Hope Mission

Powering women on a daily basis

Doors of Hope aims to empower women to break the cycle of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration through education, intervention, mentoring, and case management in a safe and supportive recovery-based environment. We offer educational classes in all Rutherford County Correctional Facilities, as well as a reentry program for those leaving incarceration or a rehab center in more than 50 counties across Tennessee.

Initially established as a teaching endeavor in the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center with 12 students, one unpaid teacher, and four volunteers, the agency has grown to provide education and transition planning in each of Rutherford County’s correctional facilities on a five-day-a-week basis.


Those returning to high-risk environments upon release will also receive a comprehensive reentry program, which includes emergency shelter, transitional housing, and program housing.


Though Doors of Hope specializes in reentry services for ex-offenders, it also accepts applications and provides similar programming for drug/alcohol rehabilitation program graduates.

Non-violent offenders who actively seek a change in their lives are helped by us. Our program teaches personal values, responsibility, and skills for life after prison. We guide and mentor our clients as they navigate the reentry challenges they face before and after release.


Doors of Hope has a proven track record of success in reducing recidivism and coaching ex-offenders to become respectable, contributing members of society. Through our active involvement with many partner organizations, we are able to offer the type of comprehensive assistance needed during the transition phase of ex-offenders back into local communities.

How you can help

Fundraisers, generous individuals, and organizations keep our mission alive. Each donation contributes to the success of our programs and the lives of each of our clients.

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