Our Services

Doors of Hope, Inc is a long-term rehabilitative reentry program where women being released from incarceration or drug rehab can restructure life for a better future.

We provide a safe, recovery-based environment in which case managers, therapists, recovery specialists and life coaches assist clients on their journey toward health and wholeness. We offer hope and help to the ex-offender who chooses to embrace positive values and re-focus her life according to those values, changing her future from the inside out. By teaching values and life skills during incarceration and helping with reentry challenges upon release, we see recidivism rates reduced as ex-offenders learn to become responsible, respectable, contributing members of our community.

We accomplish our mission by providing safe housing and other basic needs. However, it is more than just a safe place to live: living in the housing program requires involvement in a forward-moving, highly structured reentry program designed to rebuild a shattered life and learn a new, stable, sober way of living at a fairly rapid pace. The program is designed to provide 12-months of accountability and empathic case management in a recovery based-environment. In addition, clients in the program receive other direct services such as:

·       transportation


·       resume-building/job search-assistance

·       mental health counseling

·       recovery coaching

·       access to medical/dental checkups

·       advocacy in court and with other agencies

·       other services as indicated by need