We Break the Cycle of Addiction, Homelessness, and Incarceration

Doors of Hope is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers women to break the cycle of addiction, homelessness, and incarceration. Through the support and education we provide, women become self-sufficient and productive members of the community. Since 2011, we have served more than 750 women resulting in reunited families, successful re-entry into society, and dramatically reduced prison recidivism rates.

Shelter and Interdependence

How we do it

Through our 12-month program, clients put newly learned life skills into practice and require less supervision. In this way, they feel more empowered to take on greater levels of responsibility for their lives.


The organization encourages individuals to become mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. 


We assist with clothing, food, identification documents, job training, legal aid, medical and dental work, transportation, counseling, and recovery coaching. Additionally, we assist in finding permanent, stable housing or our Transitional Housing Program. 


According to needs assessments, approximately 40% of the women set to be released from Rutherford County’s correctional facilities will either be homeless or will return to an unsafe environment that will put them at high risk for relapse or recidivism. We encourage these clients to apply for our transitional housing program as they are much more likely to succeed in this environment since it’s safe and structured. 

Encouragement and Support

What success looks like

Those who participated in the Doors of Hope re-entry program for more than six months are reincarcerated at a rate of just 3% – significantly below the average rate. In addition, no individual who has stayed with the program for more than one year has ever reoffended.


For our clients, living sober is learning a new normal.” This process includes recovery meetings, counseling sessions, and building community with people who support their decision to become clean and stay sober. 


This community extends into life coaches who further their recovery and accountability by meeting once a week. Clients are encouraged to keep fighting their battles, whatever they might be. 


One example of ways we keep our clients focused on their goals is through visualizing their “keys to success” by writing their goals on tags with keys attached. When they reach their goal, they get to keep their key as a reminder of their achievement. 

By the Numbers

Over the past few years, the success of our program has resulted in a record number of clients served with great outcomes in employment and a better place in life.

750 clients served since 2011

250 +  individuals served in 2021

68% Program graduation rate

Less than 3% recidivism rate for graduates

100% client employment rate

Doors of Hope to open substance use treatment center for women

Doors of Hope recently announced they will open an inpatient treatment center later this year. The new treatment center will serve women who do not have the financial means to pay for treatment.


The hallmark of the new facility is that services will be provided at no cost to clients. Property has been purchased for the new treatment center adjacent to the current Doors of Hope office located at 428 East Bell Street in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

How you can help

Fundraisers, generous individuals, and organizations keep our mission alive. Each donation contributes to the success of our programs and the lives of each of our clients. 

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