Doors of Hope Mission

Transforming women’s lives within our community

Doors of Hope provides emergency shelter, transitional housing, and long-term supportive housing to women so that they can rebuild their lives. Our case managers, therapists, recovery specialists, and life coaches provide a safe, recovery-based environment in which our clients can embark on a journey toward health and wholeness. Our goal is to offer hope as well as help to ex-offenders who choose to embrace positive values and refocus their lives according to those values, changing their futures from the inside out. In our community, we see reduced recidivism rates as ex-offenders learn to become respectful, responsible, contributing citizens by teaching them values and life skills during incarceration and helping them with re-entry challenges after release.

Medically supervised rehabilitation

The process of living sober includes recovery meetings, counseling sessions, and building community with people who support the client's decision to get sober.

Mental health counseling

As part of our mental health counseling services, we work with our clients to set goals and develop approaches in addressing emotional issues, improving coping and communication skills, increasing self-esteem, and promoting changes in behavior.

Program Housing and Shelter

Women can live in a safe place at Doors of Hope while gaining physical, mental, and emotional strength. In addition to shelter, we help with clothing, food, identification documents, job training, legal assistance, medical and dental work, transportation, and recovery coaching. In addition, we make every effort to find permanent stable housing for them to live in or if they need additional time, we move them into the Transitional Housing program.

Life/Recovery Coaching

Whether it's recovery coaching or life coaching, clients are encouraged to keep fighting their battles, whatever they may be. By writing our clients' goals on tags with attached keys, we help them visualize their ``keys to success`` by helping them stay focused on their goals. As a reward for reaching their goal, they get to keep the key.

Job Training and Placement

Statistics show that 67% of those released without assistance will be re-incarcerated within three years. Those who have participated in the Doors of Hope re-entry program for more than six months are reincarcerated at a rate of just 3%, and no one who has stayed with the program for a year or more has ever reoffended. We help with job training and placement and along with resume-building.

How you can help

Fundraisers, generous individuals, and organizations keep our mission alive. Each donation contributes to the success of our programs and the lives of each of our clients.

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